The Making of 'Oasis' by German Carrasco

Wednesday, January 26th, 2022 by German Carrasco

German Carrasco - Oasis

There's something about personal projects that teaches us about the power of passion and curiosity. Pushing yourself to learn new stuff, practicing different approaches, and taking yourself out of your comfort zone make you become a better artist and create beautiful things. German Carrasco talks to us about his first personal project after a 7-year career in luxury interior design.

Let's hear a bit about the story and process of 'Oasis'.

A bit about me

Hello Rebuspeople! My name is Germán Carrasco, I am 3D from Marbella (Spain). I have been working as a 3D artist for 7 years specializing in luxury interior design. First of all, I have to thank my friend and colleague Pedro Jesús Caballero for having been my Jedi for teaching me all the knowledge to become the artist of what I am today. 'Oasis' Is the first personal project that I did in my career, so I had to push myself to explore other fields unknown to me such as Zbrush, Rizom, Marvelous Designer, and Quixel Mixer.

Oasis - pool area

Modeling / References

For the modeling, I base myself on a project that I saw on the internet of a Hotel in Marrakesh. If you look at the project, it is quite basic, I did not do any sketch since basically the project is based on a pool, a shed, floor, and a garden.

To give the structure the look of wear and tear, I used Zbrush with brushes always to have that realism you wanted to obtain. Once the retopology and mapping of the objects have been done, I used Quixel Mixer for texturing. I have to say that I am in love with this program since it is quite simple and with a couple of adjustments you can achieve quite realistic results for my taste. For the loungers and curtains I used Marvellous Designer, they were basic designs as you can see in the image but they give a result that is quite similar to the reference photo.

Oasis - pool area

Ligthing / Vegetation / Materials

For the lighting of the scene, I used an HDRI of Adán Martin from the second collection which are the ones I use in 90% of my projects. For vegetation use Maxtree models and Quixel Megascan for turf. The materials are 90% of Quixel Megascan so little to tell as they come almost by default and they look great, control the reflections a little to my liking.

Post Production

Oasis - post production

Here I had the help of my partner Pedro Jesus Caballero. We always use masks for almost everything and in Photoshop as we are adjusting with levels, curves, tone/saturation... In some views, as seen in the example, we take two passes with different types of lights and then in Photoshop use the parts of each one that we are most interested in to make it more attractive.

Oasis - pool area

Thanks to Rebusfarm for taking a look at my work and having the opportunity to explain a bit about the way I work. All the best!

Oasis - quote

Thank you, German, for sharing your story and amazing project with our Rebus community. Check out more of German's work on his different channels:



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