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Making-of Article

In our making-of articles, 3D artists give detailed explanations about how they created their 3D projects. Learn about software, materials, composition, lighting, rendering, post-production and much more and get inspired for your next artwork.

  • Wednesday, 16 November 2022 The Making of 'Residential House' by Paralel Studio

    Paralel Studio team consists of passionate 3D artists who pay great attention to details in order to achieve high aesthetic and photorealistic results for their clients. In this article, they break down how do they approach their projects, especially the ones on which they have to model a large-scale 3d environment. Enjoy! 


  • Wednesday, 09 November 2022 The Making of 'Cozy Bathroom' by Sergio Chaparro

    It is rare to find very beautiful images for small spaces like bathrooms in the architectural visualization field. Sergio Chaparro, an architect and 3D artist from Mexico, has recently shared a pretty nice set of 3D photographs from his Cozy Bathroom project. In this making-of article, you can earn some tips from his workflow which is mainly focused on the great effort during the 3D process than post-production in Photoshop. Enjoy! 


  • Wednesday, 19 October 2022 The Making of 'PAN Treetop Cabin' bySony Rafael Leao

    Sony Rafael discovered his passion for 3D photography while working as an architect and decided to become a 3D Photographer. He studied a lot, and he improved himself through continuous experiments. Today, he talks to us about one of his best projects, giving very nice tips, especially on how he learned to compose images. Enjoy! 


  • Wednesday, 05 October 2022 The Making of 'The Refuge Of Limits' by Giuseppe La Greca

    Giuseppe La Greca, an Italian 3D artist with almost 20 years of experience in CG Arts uses a pretty nice narrative discourse to explain to us how he feels and thinks while working on personal storytelling projects. Enjoy! 


  • Wednesday, 28 September 2022 The Making of 'Little House On The Prairie' by Vu Trong Quy

    Vu Trong Quy, an architect and 3D artist from Vietnam, created a very interesting article showcasing the way he worked on his practice project. Some simple but very great composition tips for your experiments. Enjoy!


  • Wednesday, 21 September 2022 The Making of 'House 13' by Jeffrey Vallejo Tanate

    Jeffrey Tanate, a Philippines 3D artist from Manila has recently designed the house of his dreams. A minimalistic concrete villa in simple lines and earth tones, a place where he would love to live. Let's dive into his storytelling making-of exploring the way he usually gets inspired for his projects and how he tries to inspire other artists to follow their own dreams!


  • Wednesday, 14 September 2022 The Making of 'The Gate of Light' byIrakli Shubashikeli

    Irakli Shubashikeli finds his sources of inspiration in anything around him and he suggests to us to only catch the moment that gives us deep and nice emotions. In this making-of article, you can explore his way of thinking during the creation of his personal projects. Enjoy!


  • Wednesday, 03 August 2022 The Making of 'Golbarg' by Yahya Jafari

    Yahya Jafar, a young architect based in Iran, with a big passion for architectural visualization shared with us his workflow, writing a making-of article for his small commercial and residential project "Golbarg". Simple techniques, tips & tricks that can help you deliver some nice images to your clients. Enjoy!


  • Wednesday, 27 July 2022 The Making of 'Villa in USA' by Raveendra Chahar

    We are usually impressed by many personal projects we see on the forums created by great 3d artists. But what about the daily commercial projects which usually have short deadlines. Can we keep a good quality as well? 

    Raveendra from 3D Architectural Designs drives us to a simple but full of examples and references making-of article which totally worth your time. Check it out!


  • Wednesday, 20 July 2022 The Making of 'NYC Taxi' by Humam Munir

    Every artist needs to challenge himself from time to time, learn something new, and expand his portfolio. Inspired and motivated by other great 3D artists, Humam Munir, an Iraqi 3D artist, shares his workflow with all of us. Take a look and grab the tips of this informative breakdown!


  • Wednesday, 13 July 2022 The Making of 'Mighty Garagin' by Bartek Muczyn

    As artists, we often look for a good source of inspiration before starting a project. There were so many things that could impress us when we were kids. Our memories are from flavors, smells, toys, or even simple objects. Bartek Muczyn from MOFO ArchViz recalled from his memories the horn and smell of a train, sitting close to nature and waiting to see it passing in front of him. An emotional making-of article that has been created with pure love for 3D Art. Enjoy it!


  • The Making of 'Light Moods' by Qusay Abubaker

    Experimenting during our free time is essential, while it does not matter if we succeed or fail. We can always learn something through the 3D training process. Be ambitious in applying your goals but mainly try to learn how to be patient. 3D artist, Qusay Abubaker, kindly accepted to give us a behind-the-scenes making-of article reciting not only the creative process but also a short part of his story.


  • Alberto Maciel - The Making of Zelda

    When you have a very strong passion for something, but you are limited in your resources, you get very creative to live up to it. So did Alberto Maciel, he is the best example of a self-taught 3D artist with creative ways to learn. He found ways to follow his spirit and made it to be a very talented 3D artist and successful 3ds Max instructor.

    In the following making-of, he gives very useful tips and explains why he is not a fan of post-production. Welcome Alberto, we are excited to hear what you have to say.


  • Wednesday, May 25th, 2022 by Arnaldo Morales

    Arnaldo Morales - The Making of Modern Flat

    What impact light can have on an architectural visualization will be shown in this Making-of by Arnaldo Morales. He experimented with lighting and shows you the differences of the same place during daytime and nighttime. Arnaldo gives exact instructions, on how he created the different moods and you will be amazed by the new look he created for an existing archviz project.

    Hello Arnaldo, it's great to have you here with us and we are excited to hear what you have to say about the creation of 'Modern Flat'.


  • Wednesday, May 11th, 2022 by Robin Walker

    Alvina Kravets - Fjord Apartment

    A huge fascination for statues and busts were the starting point for this awesome architectural visualization, which turned out to be so much more. The mysterious 'Black Neoclassical' was created by Robin Walker, who is a passionate 3D artist.

    Let's welcome Robin and hear what he has to say about the creation of his 'Black Neoclassical'.


  • Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 by Notoo Studio

    Notoo Studio - 41zero42

    The team at notooSTUDIO shares one of their coolest projects with us. Visualizing for '41zero42' was more than visualizing ceramic walls and floors, bringing to life a product designed to give movement to the surfaces with a static image takes a lot of experience and knowledge.

    Let's hear more about how they made this project a visual masterpiece.


  • Wednesday, April 13th, 2022 by Alvina Kravets

    Alvina Kravets - Fjord Apartment

    Natural colors, minimalistic design, and active textures make this visualization the perfect eye candy. Alvina Kravets, interior designer, and 3D visualizer gives us some awesome lighting, camera angles, and rendering tricks that can take your work to another level.

    Let's hear more from Alvina herself.


  • Wednesday, March 30th, 2022 by Taha Estabar

    Taha Estabar - Gorgan residential

    Taha Estabar sheds some light on how the use of creative techniques like the use of alternative camera lenses and 2D people can make your project different and refreshing. He tells us the story of how his client was more than pleased to receive the visualization of his home with a fresh perspective.

    Let's hear some of Taha's tips.


  • Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022 by Robert Rocha

    Robert Rocha - living neutral palette

    Robert Rocha, a student of Ander Alencar's 'Oficina 3D Training' course, talks to us about his work on a minimalist apartment project called 'Living Neutral Palette'. With the use of simple spaces and minimalist decoration, he uses wood, travertine, and exemplary use of exterior light to create a beautiful and warm atmosphere.

    Let's get some tips from Robert himself.


  • Wednesday, March 9th, 2022 by Gabriela Mazur

    Gabriela Mazur - Furniture II

    Gabriela Mazur, the founder of 'Mazur Rendering Studio', talks to us about her work within the furniture industry and her beliefs on how going digital is the best option to save the manufacturer's wallets and the world's resources from unnecessary expenses. An interesting story of entrepreneurship and useful tricks on how 'Furniture II' was rendered.

    Let's hear more from Gabriela.