Your Quickstart to Cloud Rendering

Learn how to upload your job for cloud rendering at RebusFarm in a few easy steps and get the render job done faster. For detailed instructions on each of the steps check our How-to Guides.

Cloud Rendering Registration

[ 1 ] Registration for Cloud Rendering

Free account

To use our render farm service you need to register first.

Free Renderpoints

Each new registrant receives a free trial of 25 RenderPoints for cloud rendering worth 27.33 $.

Cloud rendering software

[ 2 ] Software download

Free Download

Download the advanced RebusFarm Software.

RebusFarm supports all major 3D software applications and render plugins.

Render Farm

[ 3 ] Uploading render jobs

Perfectly connected

The RebusFarm Software allows a cloud rendering directly from your 3D application.

Up- and download is managed automatically by our RebusFarm Software element 'RebusDrop'. Check our tutorials for detailed instructions on job submission.

Cloud rendering job management

[ 4 ] Managing your render jobs

Perfectly controlled

With the usage of the Rebus ControlCenter you're able to monitor your cloud rendering jobs. You can start, pause and cancel all jobs at any time using this tool.

Our responsive design allows you to easily manage and control your jobs on the go.

Cloud rendering job download

[ 5 ] Automatic download

Perfect workflow

Each completed frame will automatically be downloaded to a folder chosen by you in advance. You can access all downloaded data immediately, so you don't have to wait until your whole job is completed.