Maxwell Render Farm Software

Start setting up the Maxwell Render Farm right away! Register and install the RebusFarm Software and you will automatically get your free trial worth $ 27.23. Our Farminizer Plugin, directly placed into your 3D software, reliably prepares your render job and transfers it to the Maxwell Render Cloud, where it will start rendering right away. Feel the power of our high performing and efficient CPU and GPU render nodes. Our support team is 24/7 at your disposal, ready to assist you with every aspect, including the Maxwell render farm setup.

Render farm for Maxwell © Deny Maulana Mallik
© Deny Maulana Mallik

Supported Releases of Maxwell

  • Maxwell 4
  • Maxwell 5

If you have questions about our software or versions, just write an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our support team is always happy to help you!

Featured projects of RebusFarm with Maxwell

Character Design | 'Little Batman' | Quentin Chaillet

Character design | "Little Batman" | Quentin Chaillet


The French character artist Quentin Chaillet specialized in combining cartoonish designs with incredibly detailed materials, perfectly illustrated by his rendition of the Dark Knight. He works at Unit Image and is a master of his trade. As leading Maxwell Render Farm, RebusFarm offers super-fast rendering with very easy handling that stands out from the competition.


Render Farm Video Tutorials for cloud rendering with Maxwell (& Indigo)

How to use Maxwell (& Indigo) with RebusFarm

In this video, you are shown how to get a Maxwell job ready to submit it to the render cloud. It guides you through the settings you have to make before you can send your job, where you find the job in your ControlCenter and where you find the final output.

RebusFarm - Maxwell Testimonials