Rebus Renderfarm 3.0 Software

The unique RebusFarm 3.0 Software makes the rendering process at the Rebus Renderfarm as easy and comfortable as possible. The software integrates into your 3D application and offers a wide range of functions that help setting up the rendering with a few easy clicks.

  • RenderfarmOur RebusFarm 3.0 Software integrates into your 3D software.
  • RenderfarmIt checks your job before it uploads it to the farm.
  • RenderfarmOnce they are finished, your rendered frames are automatically downloaded to a local folder of your choice.


Download for PC and  MAC

RebusDrop Download

Ready for windows 7 / 8 / 10 and newer

Download for Windows



Renderfarm video tutorial

Video Tutorials for RebusFarm renderfarm

We've got some short video tutorials to quickly get you familiar with the RebusFarm software. This way you will have a smooth and easy start with our renderfarm.


The RebusFarm Software

The Faminizer Software has been developed and optimized over a decade and represents the best available solution to integrate a renderfarm into your workflow. It is the easy-to-use and hassle-free management tool to send your render job to the renderfarm.

Farminizer RebusFarm Software
Pre-upload (up to 10x faster) Renderfarm pre-upload (up to 10x faster)
Never upload textures twice (autodetection) Renderfarm Never upload Textures twice (Autodetection)
Often used textures already in stock (autodetection) Renderfarm Often used textures already in stock (Autodetection)
Controlled by plugin (fully integrated) Renderfarm controlled by plugin (fully integrated)
One-click-installation to your 3D software Renderfarm one-click-installation to your 3D software
Complete compatibility check of your render job Renderfarm complete compatibility check of render job
Precise render cost estimation Renderfarm precise render cost estimation
Multiple cameras with one upload Renderfarm Multiple cameras with one upload
Download every file as soon as completed (automated) Rebusfarm Download every file as soon as completed (Automated)
Fast data transfer (up to 100x faster) Rebusfarm Fast Data Transfer (up to 100x faster)
Usage of best transfer protocol (automated) Rebusfarm Usage of best transfer protocoll (automated)
Online realtime preview Rebusfarm Online realtime preview
Re-submit existing render jobs Rebusfarm Re-submit existing render jobs
Find local files with a click Rebusfarm Find local files with a click
Fully compatible with your mobile device Rebusfarm fully compatible with your mobile device