5. How to use the ControlCenter?

In the ControlCenter you can manage your account, all your jobs in the render cloud and your payments. There are several ways to open the ControlCenter: via the Rebus Setup, directly via the website or through the RebusDrop application.

In the gray bar at the top of the site, you see your current RenderPoint balance as pointed in the image below.

Render Farm ControlCenter - display of current RenderPoints

Click on the job name to display the preview area and more setting options.

In the preview area, on the top right corner there is an information icon, click on it to see the general information of the job.

Render Farm ControlCenter - Job Info

To stop a job use the pause button. A window will then appear allowing you to either pause or cancel a job and will show you what each option means.

Render Farm ControlCenter - Pause

Pause: It will pause the job and let the already started to render frames finish the process. The cost might increase since some frames are still being calculated. All non-started frames will be paused and can be continued later.

CANCEL: The cancel option will completely stop the whole rendering process of the job in the render cloud and cannot be undone. Also, the already used RenderPoints will not be reimbursed. If you notice a problem, please contact the RebusFarm support before canceling your job.

Render Farm ControlCenter - Pause Cancel Window

You can change the priority in the queue as long as the rendering process has not started in the render cloud (this will not affect the render speed).

Render Farm ControlCenter - Priority

With the download option, you can start or restart the download of a completed job to your computer.

Render Farm ControlCenter - Download

The download button is also found next to the job name in the main overview of the Control Center.

Render Farm ControlCenter - Download Button Overview

With the show texture files option, you can check all the uploaded files/assets of the job.

Render Farm ControlCenter - Job Files

With the resubmit option, you can start to render a copy of the job with different settings like camera, resolution, name, and frame range, without having to upload the job to the render cloud again.

Render Farm ControlCenter - Resubmit Detail

Render Farm ControlCenter - Resubmit Menu

The Resubmit button is also found next to the job name in the main overview of the Control Center.

Render Farm ControlCenter - Resubmit Overview

With the move render job option, you can move the job from your private Control Center to one of your teams Control Center so your team members can also see and download the job. For further information about the team features read our “How to use Team Manager” guide.

Render Farm ControlCenter -  Move Job

Use the 'Delete job' option to delete your old jobs from the render cloud. Please make sure that you downloaded all your results first, as this cannot be undone. If the job you are planning to delete has any issues or rendered incorrectly please contact support before deleting it.

Render Farm ControlCenter -  Delete Job

The delete button is also found next to the job name in the main overview of the Control Center.

Render Farm ControlCenter -  Delete Overview

Use the support option if you have any issues regarding your render job, your account or if you have any questions about the service. You can send a support ticket, open a live chat session or request a call-back and our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Render Farm ControlCenter -  Support Details

On the right side of the site you will be able to review the render elements or AOV's rendered in your work.

Render Farm ControlCenter -  Render Elements

Click on the arrow on the detail bar to expand the detail view of the job and see a list of the job's frames with their respective status, render time, selected priority and cost.

Render Farm ControlCenter -  Status Details

Using the back to overview button you can return to the main view of your control center.

Render Farm ControlCenter -  Back to Overview

In the overview of your control center use the drop-down menu labeled "Edit" to perform batch actions on multiple jobs at the same time. You need to choose them first by selecting them in the small squares on the left side of the jobs and then execute the action.

Render Farm ControlCenter -  Edit Menu

Use the drop-down menu labeled "Sort", to sort the jobs in the list by start date, submission date, name, cost, progress, frame count, priority.

Render Farm ControlCenter -  Sort Menu

Use the drop-down menu labeled "Filter", to filter the jobs on the list according to their status.

Render Farm ControlCenter -  Filter Menu

Use the search box to search and filter the jobs displayed in the list. Making visible the jobs whose names contain the characters entered in the search box.

Render Farm ControlCenter - Searchbox

Use the open download option to ask the rebusdrop software to open the download folder of the job in your computer.

Render Farm ControlCenter - Open Download

Use the buttons located at the bottom right of the control center overview to define the number of jobs displayed per page and to change pages.

Render Farm ControlCenter - Pages