How to buy RenderPoints?

To render online with RebusFarm's render farm, you'll need to acquire RenderPoints. Follow these steps to purchase RenderPoints:

Head over to our website at and click on the "Log in" button in the top right corner.

Enter your account information and then click on "Login".

Render farm login button

Once logged in, you find different options to buy RenderPoints in your dashboard.
1) At the top right corner, next to your username, you can either click the RenderPoint icon or the RenderPoint value. (This is also possible when you are in your ControlCenter)
2) Via the "Add RP" button in your balance box in the lower right corner.
3) Via the "Buy" option in your menu on the left.


Enter how many RenderPoints you want to buy to render online in the field 'Enter the amount of RP you want to buy'.

ControlCenter setup - field to choose RenderPoints amount

If you have a coupon code, click the "Enter Coupon Code" option to display the coupon field.

Enter Coupon Code

Type in your Coupon Code and click the "Add" Button.

Redeem Coupon Code

Click on "Next" to proceed to the next step.

ControlCenter setup - continue with the RenderPoints purchase

Review your order, ensuring your billing address is accurate, as invoices cannot be modified post-payment.
Confirm your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and the Right of Revocation and choose your preferred payment method to proceed.

RenderPoint payment methods

From here on, the payment process will differ according to your chosen payment method.

If your payment was successful, the RenderPoints will be added to your RebusFarm account and the system will send the invoice to your provided e-mail address. Now you are able to send your render jobs to the render cloud.