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  • Wednesday, 28 December 2022 rendering of a junkman walking through a junk world

    Our final ArtWanted! feature of 2022 sees the return of a familiar face, as Chinese 3D artist Ruming Cao has once again wowed us at the Rebus render farm with another impressive display of his versatile abilities. While his previous works mostly focused on interior design, his latest submission ‘Junkman’ is a scene of high technical complexity and cleverly veiled environmental commentary. Driven by a seemingly unquenchable thirst for knowledge, he is determined in his pursuit of becoming a well-rounded generalist.      

    In our interview, Ruming discusses stepping out of his comfort zone, reflects on asset creation, and talks about his inspirations and ambitions.

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  • Tuesday, 22 November 2022 3D Rendering of a Modern Summer Interior

    While winter is slowly but surely taking hold of the Northern Hemisphere, Sepehr Mohajerani invites us to his ‘Modern Summer Interior’ to soak up the last rays of sunlight, an offer we at the Rebus render farm are more than happy to accept! From his early college days, when 3D was just a hobby to becoming a full-fledged archviz artist, Sepehr has come a long way – not only in the figurative sense, as he relocated from his home country of Iran to Italy, where he works as freelance interior and exterior designer.

    Continue reading for some relaxing summer vibes and an exclusive insight into the life and work of Sepehr Mohajerani! 

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  • Wednesday, 26 October 2022 Clean and Tidy Living Room

    While many people value professional fulfillment more than success, not everybody is fortunate enough to achieve it. Rarely do business and pleasure go hand in hand as much as they do for Ehsan Salehian. Listening to the Iranian architect and 3D artist talk about his work, you can immediately tell he has found his vocation. But it was not passion alone that allowed Ehsan to prevail, but determination and hard work. Today, Ehsan manages two companies, and still makes time for personal projects, such as the neat living room he submitted to our render farm.

    In our interview, Ehsan recalls his humble beginnings, talks design philosophy and getting into the proper work “flow”.

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  • Monday, 26 September 2022 Jinx fanart from Arcane

    “Here’s to the new us!” As the world around us continues to change rapidly, what remains the same is our enthusiasm for the 3D community and the outstanding work its members share with us at Rebus Render Farm. This month, senior character artist Joshua Wu blesses us with his evocative depiction of Jinx, the well-loved loose cannon from the ‘League of Legends’ media franchise. Not your regular piece of fanart, Joshua’s 3D rendition faithfully captures the essence of the character through a more photographic aesthetic, and was very well-received online.

    Check out our interview to learn how Joshua struck the right balance between photorealistic and stylized and gain insight into his creative process!

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  • Friday, 26 August 2022

    NoTriangle Nazelwood Neighborhood

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  • Monday, 22 August 2022 Lantana Residences

    The drive for artistic expression is a powerful force. When Brian Salvatierra and his wife Dariana Pitti quit their office jobs to found adetalle studio in pursuit of more creative endeavors, it was like “jumping into the abyss”. Still, it takes but one look at the outstanding work they and their team produce, to fully understand their decision. Their project ‘Lantana Residences’, a tropical Costa Rican neighborhood, has been making the rounds on social media lately, and we are eager to add to the well-deserved attention with our Rebus Render Farm August 2022 ArtWanted feature.   

    Continue reading, as Dariana and Brian offer a fascinating insight into their professional life and creative process, including a concise account on how to make the most out of your reference material.

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  • Full shot of the Arrachay by Alireza Khoshpayam

    Over the last decade, the Iranian archviz community has made a name for itself, producing a steady flow of talent whose services are in high demand all over the world. Alireza Khoshpayam, our ArtWanted! feature in June 2022, is no exception: a senior CG specialist with over ten years of experience, he skillfully navigates the entire design process for his illustrious client base as well as for his students.

    Continue reading to learn more about Alireza’s determination and take a closer look at one of his most recent projects, rendered at the Rebus Render Farm and reaching all the way to Ecuador.

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  • Friday, May 20th, 2022 by Julian Karsunky

    Do Studio - ArtWanted

    There are countless reasons people start their own business: a more flexible schedule, full financial and creative control, the ambition to make a name for themselves. When Brazilian architect and 3D artist Gustavo Görgen joined forces with his friends Marina Capalonga and Eduardo Possamai to found Do Studio in 2019, he was above all driven by the wish to be part of something bigger than himself – a common goal, a shared vision, and the belief that collective efforts surpass individual ones.

    We sat down with Do Studio's three founders to discuss their joint venture and deep dived into one of their most recent projects, the 'Edificio Varandas'.

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  • Monday, March 21st, 2022 by Julian Karsunky

    Piyush Sharma - art wanted

    While virtually traveling the world is hardly a substitute for the real thing, seeking refuge in digital landscapes can at the very least alleviate unfulfilled feelings of wanderlust. Piyush Sharma, our featured artist in March 2022, creatively converted his experience during the pandemic into a CG 'Road Trip'. Because sometimes, the journey is more beautiful than the destination.

    Check out our interview to learn about Piyush's favorite form of traveling, his own journey from hobbyist to professional, and working freelance.  

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  • Friday, February 25th, 2022 by Julian Karsunky

    Hamed Zand - art wanted

    Valentine's Day has just passed, but our love for 3D is certainly not bound to a specific day of the year. For our February 2022 Render Farm ArtWanted! feature, we have successfully courtedHamed Zand, and he graciously gifted us some eye candy, which we are more than happy to share with you!

    Hamed Zand is yet another talented artist from the thriving 3D community in Iran. Based in Urmia, the 33-year-old has a degree in architecture, with his fascination for the field dating back to his adolescence, when he first laid eyes upon architectural photography. His passion eventually led him to 3D software, and he did his first archviz job in 2014. Today, Hamed mostly works with 3ds Max, Maya, and AutoCAD

    In 2018, Hamed joined forces with his friends Aqil Sayyah and Sheida Lotfi to find Xavi Studio. Initially, with little money and lackluster equipment at their disposal, the three of them have been working tirelessly to consolidate the company. Although Hamed tells us they still struggle with the occasional client’s lack of financial commitment, Xavi Studio is slowly but surely making a name for itself in architectural visualization and object/product modeling.

    For his interior design work, Hamed prefers a minimal and modern style, with special emphasis on soft lighting and dark, more subdued color palettes.

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  • Friday, January 21st, 2022 by Julian Karsunky

    Ash Thorp - Evident Mirror Series

    Digital artist, designer, photographer, director: Ash Thorp is a man of many talents. Balancing high-profile industry jobs and manifesting his own creative voice through his personal work, Ash is constantly evolving his craft. Together with our friends at Chaos Group, we supported his recently completed 'Evident Mirror' series, a multimedia project exploring the future of artificial intelligence.

    In our interview, Ash gives insight into his design process, discusses the importance of community support, and shares his thoughts on NFTs.

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  • Wednesday, December 15th, 2021by Julian Karsunky

    Napo film - Miralumo films

    Architectural visualization is both a commodity and an artform, global industry and deeply personal expression, it is business and pleasure. While these lines are always blurry, rarely do they converge as seemingly as in the portfolio of DARQVIZ Studio. Founded last year by construction manager Dennis Grimm and CGI artist Renato Aguilar, the company's approach is visionary and disruptive, blending state-of-the-art services and passion projects.

    In our interview, Renato and Dennis discuss their professional history, social responsibility, and using architecture as a story-telling device.

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  • Tuesday, November 16th, 2021by Julian Karsunky

    Art Wanted! Featuring Omnia Ahmed

    At first glance, the distinction between interior and exterior in architecture and design seems clear-cut. However, liminal spaces such as gardens or rooftops blur this line: should we consider them separate entities or are they two sides of the same coin? In search of answers, we have reached out to Omnia Ahmed, a talented young CG artist from Egypt. An interior designer specialized in furniture, fixtures and equipment, Omnia has also enjoyed working on several outdoor areas as part of a series of projects for Balance Decoration.

    In our interview, Omnia discusses consistency in interior and exterior, going freelance and bottom-up design.

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  • Friday, October 29th, 2021by Julian Karsunky

    Napo film - Miralumo films

    For this month's ArtWanted! feature, we are thrilled to sit down with Gustavo Ribeiro, founder and CEO of Miralumo Films. The Brazilian studio recently released their first animated short to critical acclaim. Two years in production, 'Napo' tells the story of lost memories, the power of art and intergenerational bonding in both 2D and 3D. Exhibiting an immediately recognizable and appealing art style while tackling serious themes in a compassionate manner, 'Napo' was met with critical acclaim and has received accolades from all over the world.

    Check out our interview with Gustavo to learn more about his entrepreneurial adventures, the growing pains of his directorial debut and the development of 'Napo'!

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  • Friday, September 24th, 2021by Julian Karsunky

    Hamid Reza Goli - The Koi House

    The relationship between architecture and nature is a conundrum as old as time. When Iranian CG artist Hamid Reza Goli encountered the site of environmental degradation, he was immediately inspired to counteract. Together with his wife, and fellow architect, he envisioned a structure that would revive the barren space and harmonically incorporate its lush surroundings. The result, the ‘Koi House’, is a blend of contemporary architecture and traditional Far Eastern aesthetics, bridging the gap between past and present, and pointing to a reconciliatory future.

    Check out our interview to find out more about Hamid Reza, his artistic vision, and the making of the ‘Koi House’.

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  • Wednesday, August 11th, 2021by Geoffrey Alan Rhodes

    spherical virtual reality

    In 2020, the Chicago History Museum partnered with the filmmaker, Geoffrey Alan Rhodes, to produce a virtual reality experience of the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. The centerpiece of the experience would be a recreated ride on the original Ferris Wheel using historical photographs, taken through the windows of the passenger cars more than 120 years ago, matched with VR drone photography above the site, and a 3D animated recreation of the wheel and the car interior.

    This case study describes the project, the process, and the essential role of RebusFarm’s generous support.

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  • Monday, July 19th, 2021by Julian Karsunky

    Ali Farvardin - Villa

    While snow is not an unusual sight in parts of Iran, it still might come as surprise thatAli Farvardin, our ArtWanted! feature in July 2021, is jokingly called 'snowman' by his friends. But the young architect and 3D artist has a deep appreciation for all nature, and it features prominently in his work. Free from geographical limitations, Ali enjoys exploring European landscapes, right down to the nuances of Swedish housing designs.

    In our interview, Ali discusses the joys of working remotely, environmentally conscious architecture, and gives advice for self-improvement.

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  • Tuesday, June 22th, 2021by Julian Karsunky

    RP Studio - Edificio VK

    This month’s ArtWanted! feature once again takes us to the wonderful world of architectural visualization. Meet Thiago Pimenta and Andrey Rodrigues, co-founders and project directors atRP Studio, an up-and-coming full service archviz production company based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Together, the young entrepreneurs recently aced one of Ander Alencar’s Rendermind challenges with their ‘Edificio VK’, a visionary residential complex, put on impressive display through a short film and a series of images.

    Continue reading to learn how Andrey and Thiago went from starting their own company in their dorm rooms to establishing and managing a professional studio.

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  • Friday, May 14th, 2021by Julian Karsunky

    Sergey Buravtsov - Cleopatra

    This month’s ArtWanted! feature sees the return of a familiar face: Russian CG artist and all-rounderSergey Buravtsov is back, and once again he has blessed us with an outstanding character artwork. His portrayal of Cleopatra perpetuates the myths surrounding one of history’s most fascinating, yet elusive figures on a 3D canvas. Every bit as beautiful and deadly as the asp coiled around her neck, the Egyptian ruler has never looked better – eat your heart out, Elizabeth Taylor!

    In our interview, we catch up with Sergey and take a closer look at the making of one of his most recent, personal projects.

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  • Friday, April 16th, 2021by Julian Karsunky

    Lucas Baylongue - Archviz Modern Kitchen

    Life takes unexpected turns, and sometimes, what initially appears to be a setback turns out to be a blessing in disguise. When Brazilian archviz artistLucas Baylongue was temporarily out of work during the pandemic, he used the opportunity to rebuild his entire portfolio from scratch, returning to years-old projects in the process. Encouraged by the feedback of his peers and his own sense of improvement, he now stands determined to kickstart his long-lasting dream of establishing his own studio.

    In our interview, Lucas discusses his love for details, plans for the future and the difference between exterior and interior scenes.

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