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3D Artist of the Month December 2022: Karnvir Gulati

01.12.2022 by Julian Karsunky

Praying in Zen Space

As another eventful year draws to a close, we can all use a little break to reflect and refocus. Karnvir Gulati, our final 3D Artist of the Month of 2022, offers a timely digital retreat and invites us to his ‘Zen Space’, an ascetic meditation chamber. Its distinct esoteric purpose sets the room apart from both residential and commercial interiors, making for an interesting design choice. Take a deep breath, gather your chi and join us at the Rebus render farm on a most mindful archviz journey!

Continue reading to learn more about Karnvir and his most recent project.


The guide to find the best Render Farm Service for you!

01.12.2022 by Yeidis Hernández

server of a render farm

When starting in the render farm world, there are many options you can choose from, which might result in a confusing process for you. In this article, we summed up all the current great render farms, so you can get to know them a little better and choose the perfect fit for you!


ArtWanted! featuring Sepehr Mohajerani

22.11.2022 by Julian Karsunky

3D Rendering of a Modern Summer Interior

While winter is slowly but surely taking hold of the Northern Hemisphere, Sepehr Mohajerani invites us to his ‘Modern Summer Interior’ to soak up the last rays of sunlight, an offer we at the Rebus render farm are more than happy to accept! From his early college days, when 3D was just a hobby to becoming a full-fledged archviz artist, Sepehr has come a long way – not only in the figurative sense, as he relocated from his home country of Iran to Italy, where he works as freelance interior and exterior designer.

Continue reading for some relaxing summer vibes and an exclusive insight into the life and work of Sepehr Mohajerani! 


Cyber Week 2022

21.11.2022 by Nicole Holt

From November 21st to 28th, it's Cyber Week at RebusFarm and
we double the RenderPoints on your purchase!


Why use a render farm?

20.11.2022 by Nicole Holt

Whether you're starting in the 3D world or you're a 3D artist with many years of experience, this article will help you understand why you need a render farm and how you can benefit from it.

To summarize why it is beneficial to you; a render farm will save you a lot of time and it will help you save costs, along with other benefits that you can learn in detail by reading the full article.

Image of a render farm


The Making of 'Residential House' by Paralel Studio

16.11.2022 by Paralel Studio

The Making of 'Residential House' by Paralel Studio

Paralel Studio team consists of passionate 3D artists who pay great attention to details in order to achieve high aesthetic and photorealistic results for their clients. In this article, they break down how do they approach their projects, especially the ones on which they have to model a large-scale 3d environment. Enjoy! 


Is a render farm worth it?

10.11.2022 by Nicole Holt

Have you ever wondered if renting a render farm is worth it in terms of money and time? This article helps you know if a render farm is a good choice for your projects.

If you really want to know: Yes, a render farm has many benefits that always make it worth it for you to invest in one. We invite you to keep reading to learn why.

Is a render farm worth it?


The Making of 'Cozy Bathroom' by Sergio Chaparro

09.11.2022 by Sergio Chaparro

The Making of 'Cozy Bathroom' by Sergio Chaparro

It is rare to find very beautiful images for small spaces like bathrooms in the architectural visualization field. Sergio Chaparro, an architect and 3D artist from Mexico, has recently shared a pretty nice set of 3D photographs from his Cozy Bathroom project. In this making-of article, you can earn some tips from his workflow which is mainly focused on the great effort during the 3D process than post-production in Photoshop. Enjoy! 


3D Artist of the Month November 2022: Francisco Cuevas

01.11.2022 by Julian Karsunky

Francisco Cuevas

Interior designers and archviz artists are crafters of dreams. With nothing but their vivid imagination and the power of CG technology, they create places of longing for us to find comfort and serenity in. Francisco Cuevas, our November 2022 3D Artist of the Month, invites you to such a digital oasis and enjoy some ‘Afternoon Delight’! An elegant and open interior, his submission to our render farm is not only a masterclass in textures and materials, but a showcase of a keen understanding of leisure design.

Continue reading to learn more about Francisco, his professional history, and his latest personal work.    


Are there free render farms?

27.10.2022 by Nicole Holt

Data center of a render farm

We understand that sometimes there are big projects with small budgets plus deadlines and you may find yourself unable to afford a render farm. This article will explain in detail if there is such a thing as a free render farm and how can a render farm be your ally in terms of costs.

To give you a brief explanation, as there might be very few (close to none) free render farms for certain 3D software, the truth is that all render farms have a cost in order to stay available for users. If you want to know more about how to render on a commercial render farm with a budget, stay with us on this article.