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The Making of ''The Canyon House'' by Anas Shinati

20.09.2023 by Anas Shinati

The Making of 'Canyon House' by Anas Shinati

When the colors are well combined and the architecture matches the nature on which is placed, when the 3d artist is passionate about a beautiful image and he searches a lot for how to create it, then it's impossible to avoid an eye-catching creation. In this way, Anas Shinati showcases a beautiful piece in the middle of nowhere, in a virtual world where ideas can easily come to life. Enjoy the article!


RebusArt featuring Karnvir Gulati

18.09.2023 by Julian Karsunky

Karnvir Gulati, 'Barbenheimer Office Interior'

“Show me your room, and I’ll tell you who you are.” As a potent visual language, interior design can be used to effectively communicate any number of concepts and idea – a fact that we at the Rebus render farm are only too familiar with, thanks to the limitless creativity of our wonderful community! Still, when our old friend Karnvir Gulati reached out to us and presented his latest project, we were amazed: demonstrating a profound understanding of compositing and visual identity, the Indian 3D artist has created a faithful archviz representation of the viral sensation that was ‘Barbenheimer’.     

Continue reading to learn more about how Karnvir manifested two distinct movie aesthetics within a single interior space.


Combine 3D Rendering with UI/UX Design. Is it worth it?

07.09.2023 by Nicole Holt

As we step into the future, we often come across the concept of UI and UX being addressed separately. In the dynamic world of digital design, the combination of 3D rendering and UI/UX is stirring up a storm of innovation.

A new world of possibilities emerges by combining the artistic prowess of 3D rendering with user-centric UI/UX design principles. But does this fusion truly deliver value? In this article, we will learn how people are captivated, workflows are streamlined, and designs are elevated by the seamless fusion of lifelike graphics and user-friendly interfaces.

UX/UI 3D design


Summer Sale 2023

06.09.2023 by Nicole Holt

Rebus Render Farm Summer Special 2023

Summer Sale at RebusFarm!

From September 6th to 13th, 2023


3D Artist of the Month September 2023: AlternaVision Studio

01.09.2023 by Julian Karsunky

'Skull Cave'

When young Abderrahman Alterkawi, our Rebus render farm September 2023 3D Artist of the Month, first opened Blender, he had no idea of how much his future was about to change with a single click. A few years and a lot of dedicated learning later, the up-and-coming CGI generalist is filled with entrepreneurial spirit, positioning his company AlternaVision Studio on the market and already making expansions plans.

In our interview, Abderrahman discusses his empathetic approach to client relations, the importance of personal projects, and sacrifices in the name of "l'ambiance".


The Making of ''Bedroom In The Forest'' by Andre Lima Verde

30.08.2023 by Andre Lima Verde

The Making of 'Bedroom In The Forest' by Andre Lima Verde

Sometimes, you don't need complicated things to create a beautiful image. "Less is more" and by following good framing, simple lighting with good contrast, and 4-5 fine materials you can achieve a great result. Andre Lima Verde, an experienced Brazilian 3D artist & architect, drives us to his simple workflow in order to create cool images for a contest. Enjoy!


The Making of ''Mystery Of Pyramids'' by Eslam Mohamed

23.08.2023 by Eslam Mohamed

The Making of 'Mystery Of Pyramids' by Eslam Mohamed

If you want to take a deeper look at the Pharaonic civilization and learn how to create historical and storytelling visualization images, check out this making-of article created by Eslam Mohamed, an Egyptian 3D artist. Enjoy!


RebusArt featuring Mesh Studio

21.08.2023 by Julian Karsunky

Mesh Studio, 'Symmetry Black'

Here at the Rebus Render Farm, we always like to keep it classy! So, when Doğukan Erkal, our featured artist in August 2023, invited us to his luxurious living room interior to discuss his work over a nice glass of juice, we gladly accepted. A gentleman through and through, the young Turkish archviz talent has extended his invitation to our wonderful community and welcomes each and everybody to join us in admiring the ornate, yet simple elegance of ‘Symmetry Black’.

Continue reading to learn more about the project and the person behind it!


Unreal Engine 5.2's Impact on Industries Beyond Entertainment

17.08.2023 by Nicole Holt

Dive into a world where the extraordinary becomes real, where innovation merges with imagination, and where boundaries dissolve into thin air. Enter the realm of Unreal Engine, a game-changer that transcends entertainment and reshapes entire industries. From healthcare to architecture, education to automotive design, Unreal Engine's impact stretches far and wide, igniting a creative revolution that knows no limits. 

Brace yourself for a journey where reality blends seamlessly with the virtual. If you are familiar with a render farm, you must also discover the mesmerizing influence of Unreal Engine on industries beyond your wildest dreams. Below, in this blog, we will talk about the industries that had been impacted by Unreal Engine. Let’s dive in.

Unreal Engine 5