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The Making of 'Spravia' by Jerzy Galus

quarta-feira, 08 fevereiro 2023 by Jerzy Galus

The Making of 'Spravia' by Jerzy Galus

A project can become interesting and out of the daily routine when the client needs something special to promote the project. Jerzy Galus from VIZ.ART explains to us how after receiving a detailed brief from the client, this project turned out to be an enjoyable process

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How to use a render farm for rendering a Maya project?

quinta-feira, 02 fevereiro 2023 by Nicole Holt

 Image with the article title; How to render a Maya project with a render farm

Rendering is a crucial step in the 3D animation and visual effects production process, but it can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive task. One way to speed up the rendering process and reduce the strain on a single computer is to use a render farm.

A render farm is a group of computers that work together to render an image or an animation. Distributing the rendering workload across multiple machines can significantly reduce the time it takes to complete a rendering job.

In this guide, we will explain how to use a render farm to render a Maya project.

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3D Artist of the Month February 2023: Black Visuals

quarta-feira, 01 fevereiro 2023 by Julian Karsunky

''Hans Broos Tower' architectural visualization'

The language of art is universally understood. But in addition to space, it also transcends time: the work of contemporary architects such as Bruno Mesquita from Black Visuals, our February 2023 3D Artist of the Month, is perpetually engaged in a conversation with the past, reshaping, adapting and building upon designs of days long gone. Having already made a successful career for himself in architecture, the Brazilian entrepreneur recently reignited his passion for 3D and founded his own archviz studio. One of the first projects he completed is a tribute to a brutalist architect whose influence can still be felt in Bruno’s other work, some of which we at the Rebus Render Farm are thrilled to showcase today!

Continue reading and join us on a journey involving houses of the outstanding variety, a life dedicated to art, and tons of concrete!

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Most asked questions about Render Farms

quinta-feira, 26 janeiro 2023 by Nicole Holt

rendered black globe

Whether it is your first time hearing the term or if you are familiar with it, it is perfectly normal to have questions about such a big subject, we have all been there. In this article, we will make sure to answer the most popular questions about render farms.

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The Making of 'Villa Poiet' by Mauricio Lopez Villa

quarta-feira, 25 janeiro 2023 by Mauricio Lopez Villa

The Making of 'Villa Poiet' by Mauricio Lopez Villa

As we use to say, "inspiration can be found everywhere" and once again we realized it reading that Mauricio inspired this beautiful project based on o poem written by his mother. Check his well-written making-of article and learn more about his workflow. Enjoy! 

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RebusArt featuring Reza Sharifzadeh

segunda-feira, 23 janeiro 2023 by Julian Karsunky

forest mountain landscape archviz scene

The arrival of the new year brings some change to our ‘ArtWanted’ campaign, though mostly in name: going forward, we aim to highlight the wonderful work of our community under the moniker ‘RebusArt’. Make no mistake though, art is still very much wanted! We hope you continue to submit your images and scenes, so we can share just a tiny amount of the great content that is produced at our render farm every day. Leading by example in January 2023 is Reza Sharifzadeh, who sent us a beautiful and whimsical landscape lined with ‘Mountain Cottages’.

Join us on our journey as venture deep into the woods and explore the undergrowth of the artist’s mind!

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Top 5 Render Farms in 2023

quinta-feira, 19 janeiro 2023 by Nicole Holt

server center of a render farm

You want to start being more efficient and get the benefits of using a render farm, but it all seems confusing when you do your research. In this article, you will find a ranking of render farms with the features and prices so you can make a better choice to get your projects done.

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The Making of 'Lamborghini Centenario' by Matt Ludwinek

quarta-feira, 18 janeiro 2023 by Matt Ludwinek

The Making of 'Lamborghini Centenario' by Matt Ludwinek

Many times, we have seen several ArchViz artists moving from architectural visualization to the automotive and VFX field. Following the same path, Matt from GPU Magic Studio based in Poland, in this informative article described to us his workflow and sources of inspiration & knowledge. Enjoy! 

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6 Tips To Grow Your 3D Business

segunda-feira, 16 janeiro 2023 by Juan Salcedo

Work-life balance

If you're reading this article, it's likely that you've already got a freelance business going. And if that's the case, congratulations! But like most entrepreneurs, no matter how successful your company gets, there will always be new challenges to face and obstacles to overcome. What that means for you is that as long as you're running a business (and not just working for someone else), there will never be a time when it can't benefit from your attention and creativity.

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The Importance of Scalability in Render Farms

sexta-feira, 13 janeiro 2023 by Nicole Holt

Scalability is an important factor of a render farm since it lets you modify the size and resources of your rendering network to meet various project demands. Having a scalable render farm is essential for achieving the best results and boosting your productivity. Read this article to find out 7 reasons why scalability is so important for render farms.

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