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The Making of '41zero42' by Notoo Studio

Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 by Notoo Studio

Notoo Studio - 41zero42

The team at notooSTUDIO shares one of their coolest projects with us. Visualizing for '41zero42' was more than visualizing ceramic walls and floors, bringing to life a product designed to give movement to the surfaces with a static image takes a lot of experience and knowledge.

Let's hear more about how they made this project a visual masterpiece.

About us notooSTUDIO - Not too late

notooSTUDIO is a creative laboratory that deals with the creation of images. We love our work and combine our enthusiasm with the experience gained in various sectors, in order to provide a complete service to our customers.

We are four designers whose specialties complement and mix each other, including architecture, interior design, CGI, and post-production. Together we create photorealistic environments, for covers, catalogs, and magazines. Through paper or digital materials, we give a clean face to projects for local and international clients. Our individual paths, rooted in different contexts and cities, have led us to the same point: Notoo, an independent and multidisciplinary studio in the middle of Italy. From here we continue to open new paths between publishing and advertising, letting ourselves be guided by excellent technology, creative intuition, and a pinch of unpredictability.

41zero42 - notoo studio

41zero42: Superclassica tiles

The Superclassica project was born for our client 41zero42, a young and cutting-edge company that produces ceramic floors and walls with creativity and aims for excellence. The starting point was the study of one color, beige. Warm and natural, it was interpreted by 41zero42 through a stone in eight different finishes and in seven formats. A collection of elements specifically designed to be combined with each other, to give movement to the surfaces while remaining in a contemporary context. Superclassica, thus becomes a range of possibilities, ideal for both residential and commercial projects, internal and external.

41zero42 - notoo studioCommercial project.

hot tub bathroom bathroom green wall

Our challenge was to contextualize the floor and wall tiles in sophisticated architectural and design environments. The rooms are warm, summery, Mediterranean, bringing back the holidays, from the Apulian farms to the sea view villas of Ibiza and Formentera. The lights are those of the warm hours of the day and sunset, we worked exclusively with the Sun and the Sky by Corona Renderer, without the use of Bank or additional HDR.

green ceramic vase terrace view


41zero42 - notoo studio

The cameras and photographic lenses have been set up trying to balance a photo shoot effect with the need to see the formats of the ceramic products in the right proportion so that they are not too deformed.

shadowed render green wall

On a stylistic level, the inspiration for the objects and furnishings is based on the editorial by Zara Home. We always try to use common elements in our works that give continuity to the project and its history: in this case, the material surfaces, the use of travertine, the shaving effect on the walls, the soft colors, the natural woods (walnut and oak), rattan are the masters and a note of constant color: the Verde Bottega (Zoomer Green) which became popular globally starting from summer 2021, in this case, combined with pieces of European design.

41zero42 - notoo studio

Together with the client, we have chosen references and environments of stylistic and architectural inspiration. Starting from here we have developed 10 drafts in Cinema 4D with the wireframe mode to create our imaginary rooms and to give all the rooms a common reading. From there we moved on to the development of the final render, again with Cinema 4d and with the rendering in Corona. The pool water and textures were finally improved with a post-production step in Photoshop.

pool chair pool water texture

We thank Notoo Studio for sharing their process on this beautiful project with our Rebus community. Check out more of their work on their different channels:






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