3D Artist of the Month December 2016: Daniel Linard


Thursday, December 1st, 2016 by N. Herget


New RebusFarm 3D Artist of the Month in December is Daniel Linard from Brazil! Congratulations!

Daniel Linard describes himself as a generalist in 3D art. From simple illustrations up to animations, from modeling to post-production – he covers it all. What he likes doing most though, is composition, storytelling, shading, lighting and rendering.


“I am a dreamer, I love what I do, and I hope to be able to touch people with my work. I hope that I can even help a person to reflect on oneself. The jobs I enjoy doing most are the ones where I can send a message.
It is my dream to work in an animation studio someday. This way I could touch people's feelings and transmit some value through my work.”

Check out his website wwww.daniellinard.com and find him on Artstation, Vimeo
, and Facebook.

Read on to see what Daniel has to say about his work. Enjoy!

Daniel, the picture you sent in for the 3D Artist of the Month contest seems to be full of little hints making up a story. Please tell us, how should we “read” your picture?

The character is a guy who works in an office, his face expresses tiredness and stress, but he's smiling.
He seems to work for a greater good, he's sacrificing himself for something worth it.
He works hard and does overtime to earn more, just see the dark circles and red eyes he has.
At lunch he only has time for a quick snack, so we notice a mustard stain on his shirt.

In the picture he is in a meeting with his boss, getting scolded. But a Disney commercial (mind the badge on his jacket) is being played on the radio and catches his attention. It gives him a big smile as it reminds him of having fun in the parks with his lady.
This is what makes it all worth it!

Furthermore, the camera is positioned from the boss' perspective, meaning we are this boss.
This is a statement towards how we treat others. Are we doing our best? Don’t we judge too much? Isn’t the cause of other people's stress caused by us? It is ours to reflect on this.

In the end, this guy is me.
The way he is living is similar to what I feel sometimes when doing my work.
Remembering a great trip to Disney with someone special always cheers me up.

You also rendered the image on our render farm. What is your experience with RebusFarm?

I've been working with RebusFarm for a few years now. I've tested a few other render farms but no doubt, RebusFarm is the best, I tell it from my own experience.
I like the system, it lets me control all the details of the render independently and remotely, the render time is excellent, but what I like most is the service. Whenever we have a problem they are ready to solve and do not measure efforts to solve the problem. Depending on the project, the value of the render comes out a little high, but it is certainly worth every penny!

Daniel also provided Making Of material and lets us in on some details

For this work, I used as main software Cinema 4D, where I rendered with Vray. The modeling of the character was done by modeler Marina Soares at Zbrush. She gave me the model, so I could create the illustration. I created the shader and texture in Substance Painter and Zbrush, the post-production was done in Photoshop.

The creation process was really cool, as it is a personal project, I was able to test and explore exactly what I wanted, and this allowed me to create a detailed composition where the elements of the scene help to direct the look and balance the visual weight of each object.
I was also able to create a more dramatic lighting from the chest up, creating a frame in the subject, and highlighting the background character through the back lighting and the saturation of the colors .

The lighting was made with 5 light sources: Sky Light, Sun Light, Add Light and 2 Back Lights. I also had a special focus on the color combination. In this way, I was able to transmit the feeling I wanted to.

Thank you, Daniel!

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