3D Artist of the Month November 2016: Manuel Peter


Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 by N. Herget


New RebusFarm 3D Artist of the Month in November is Manuel Peter from Germany!

There can be more than just 3 dimensions to an image - this time our 3D Artist of the Month's work comes with a message.
So, take a closer look - it's not just about two chemists in their lab...



Manuel Peter mainly focusses on the creation of realistic images and does animation and motion graphics as well.
At the moment, Manuel is writing his bachelor thesis in Multimedia and Communication.
Check out his work on www.manuel-peter.com

Manuel's 3D journey started out with Blender. He loves working with it and is fascinated by how good this free software has become. During his academic studies, he also got a love for Cinema 4D, especially its module "MoGraph" for motion graphics.
"I really love to design and create. The possibility to picture anything you can imagine is the most awesome thing 3D software enables you to."

For Manuel plain good-looking sometimes is not enough in an image. The experiment picture e.g. was originally created for the "Trojan Horse was a Unicorn Challenge" on Artstation. Manuel's approach was to show the creation of a new, perfect society.
A society that shares common ideals and is based on certain key values.
The two chemists in the scene seem to have found what it takes to create this new society: empathy, individualism leading to pluralism, passion, respect for nature, tolerance, equality, creativity (of course!) and liberty!
All those values can be found in the image and are part of the experiment's setup.

"I'm very happy about my image winning the contest. It means a lot to me when my images are appreciated. Additionally, it would be awesome if they made people reflect on the topic."

The Making Of an experiment

Everything was modeled in Blender but I started out drawing a simple concept in Krita, to get a first idea of the overall composition. Then I blocked out the scene and started to model some assets.
The polygon modeling tools of Blender are super awesome, so it's quite a fast process to create different assets.

I went to Marvelous Designer and simulated the suits, exported them and sculpted some more details.
After I had the rough geometries of the important things in the scene, I made some simple shaders and tested the lighting of the scene without the characters. The reflections and therefore the lighting was very important for the composition I wanted to achieve.

The next step was to add more and more details to the scene. So I added a lot of different assets and worked on the different shaders. Some of the textures were painted in Substance Painter.
One of the last steps in 3D was to model the holographic product of the chemical reaction.

I rendered the scene with Cycles and brought it to Photoshop to work on the values and the colors.

Thank you, Manuel!

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