3D Artist of the Month September 2015


Tuesday, September 1st, 2015 by Nadine Obst


We are happy to introduce to you our Artist of the Month September 2015: Dušan Ković, a CG generalist from Novi Sad, a town in the northern part of Serbia. He created his bodacious work "Coffee Table" to push his lightning and shading skills further. He admitted: "In the beginning, I never expected to push the realism that far, and I was really pleased with the result."


Dušan currently works in Eipix Entertainment as a lead animator in the cinematic team. But he is interested in the wide set of areas in the computer graphics. "My favourite area is rendering, texturing, shading and lightning, but I also do modeling, rigging and some basic fluid and particle simulations." He gives free rein to his creativity and doesn´t commit himself to a certain subject. "I create art from what is most inspiring for me at the moment. From robots, tanks, sci-fi to the nature and still life"

Check out his wide range of creativity yourself: https://www.artstation.com/artist/dusankovic

"My main workhorse is Autodesk Maya, mainly because of wast number things you can do within it and I find it most comfortable for work." Aside of Maya, he used Arnold as render engine, Zbrush for sculpting, Quixel Suite / Photoshop for textures, and After Effects for composting.


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