3D Artist of the Month April 2022: Ruming Cao

Friday, April 1st, 2022 by Julian Karsunky

Ruming Cao

No April Fools: We are thrilled to name Ruming Cao as our April 2022 3D Artist of the Month! The Chinese archviz artist and instructor wowed us with his 'Foggy Interior', a calm and cozy living room scene filled with impressively detailed paraphernalia. An autodidact turned instructor, Ruming strives to improve with every project. Learn more about Ruming and his work in our article.

foggy interior Ruming Cao, 'Foggy Interior'.

Ruming Cao is originally from a small city near Ma'anshan in Eastern China, but currently resides in Hefei, where he works as an instructor at an educational facility, teaching students rendering. Ruming himself, however, is entirely self-taught. His passion for 3D began during his college days when he saw his roommate studying 3ds Max. Curiosity soon turned into an obsession, and in 2016, following his graduation, Ruming knew he wanted to pursue a career in the CG industry.

cozy interiorFor his ‘Foggy Interior’, Ruming heavily focused on the details. Check out his fine work on the various objects and materials in this and the following images.

Profile of Caoruming

Since then, Ruming has received several accolades for his rendering work, including Editor's Choice Awards from both Evermotion and 3dtotal, and a VWArtclub 'Project of the Day', amongst others. He can now add 'RebusFarm 3D Artist of the Month' to this list as well, thanks to the interior he submitted to our campaign.

Like most of his personal projects, Ruming's 'Foggy Interior' is firmly rooted in photorealism. Driven by the desire to create a more detailed scene, he paid extra attention to the various materials found throughout the room. He tells us the production process went smoothly, with no remarkable difficulties hindering progress. 'Foggy Interior' was created using 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, and ZBrush, the latter of which Ruming cites as his favorite software overall. To our delight, he also has nothing but praise for our rendering service, calling it a "very good platform" and exclaiming "I have been using it a lot lately – and I love it!"




cozy interior

While Ruming is satisfied with the results, he does not intend to slow down whatsoever, vowing to never stop improving. He hopes to one day reach a level of quality comparable to Czech artist Marek Denko, one of Ruming's role models in the CG industry. Asked to share one thing he has learned from working on 'Foggy Interior', Ruming says he has since made the effort to "observe the details of everyday life more consciously".

foggy interior

cozy interior

cozy interior


Keep up with Ruming Cao and his work here: 



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