3D artist Lars Scholten about the advantages of using a render farm


Monday, December 7th, 2015 by Nadine Obst



Lars Scholten, a CG artist and trainer working in Amsterdam in a team of talented freelance animators and motion graphics designers, talks about the advantages of using a render farm:



"In most of our animation projects my role consists of modeling, rigging and rendering. As you can imagine, our team often is confronted by tight deadlines. Many of our projects can´t be realized without the use of a render farm. However, since we do not have our own render farm we are happy to use RebusFarm for rendering large images (150 DPI A0 posters) or long sequences. For one of the projects we extensively used RebusFarm: a commercial for UPC. In this commercial we had lots of glass shreds flying around. If we had to render this on our own machines only, we probably would still be working on this project til this very day!" 

render UPC commercial

Besides animation projects, Lars is training Cinema 4D as a certified instructor for more than 10 years now. "Recently one of my students asked me about the use of net rendering and rendering on a render farm. For people who are not familiar with render farms there is often an aura of "too difficult" or "too expensive" around that subject. Many of my students start with the idea rendering on a farm is only affordable and accessible for big studios." But Lars knows better: "That idea is utter nonsense! The money part...well...if you´re not careful and just send your scene over to a shady farm including your credit card number, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. Unfortunately, I have seen this happen. Therefore I can imagine that rendering on a farm can be a bit scary or intimidating. This is one of the reasons why I recommend RebusFarm to my students. The fact that you can estimate the rendering costs of a sequence in advance as well as the straight forward plug-in approach is a big plus. To make sure my students don´t end up with the wrong idea, as well as to tackle some common problems I decided to make a video tutorial which might be interesting for your users, too"


In the first part of the tutorial I am showing how you can prepare a Cinema 4D scene for net rendering. 


And in the second part I will specifically show how to render a Cinema 4D scene using RebusFarm. I hope this helps you guys in your work flow. Happy Rendering!"  

We agree that video tutorials from a user's point of view can be very helpful. Therefore we are always interested in sharing experiences from users to users.

Thank you Lars for these great tutorials!