Hello Earth Program: How 3D is sustainably changing the future

Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 by Gyöngyi Pilisi

RebusFarm has been using 100% CO2 and nuclear waste free energy for years. Running on green energy combined with a cooling system without air-conditioning and an intelligent software management system is RebusFarm's contribution to an environmentally friendly business.

Today we are very excited to introduce to you Gyöngyi and Ond Pilisi, two dedicated 3D artists who use their skills to make a difference in this world. Together they founded the 'Hello Earth Program' and approached us to take a step forward with them to make the world a little greener in the future.

Using cute animations, they create short videos aimed at schoolchildren to learn about the perception of their environment and its effects early on and in a playful way.

We give the floor to Gyöngyi to present their great program.

We believe that the future of our planet is in the hands of the children. They are the answer, the only solution to the problems of our time: climate change, overconsumption, sustainability, loss of biodiversity among others. But it is our duty to teach them how to achieve the change, how to take care of and save our earth. We need a comprehensive change of approach.

As an animation studio, we decided to put our knowledge, skills and technical background into good service, and started the 'Hello Earth Program'. We want to take responsibility and be part of the change. That is why we decided to make our contribution to the protection of the earth by helping people to find a way to a better, cleaner and sustainable future through educating the next generation.

By using images and motion pictures, even the most complex relationships are much easier to be presented. This way the most complex topics and problems can be translated into little kids' language, without boring or scaring them. We will show the tasks and topics through everyday situations, which they are familiar with. By showing playful stories with lovable and friendly characters we are able to motivate children to explore and love nature, so they will be more likely to take action.

Our goal is to help children to become conscious adults who are responsible for their fellow human beings and their environment. People who can act and more importantly who want to act.

It is a global program, designed for 6-11 years old kids, to be used in classrooms. We will make it accessible for all schools in the world, for free.

The program and the digital learning material is in the phase of pre-production. Scripts and storyboards are almost ready, the design work is going on and we have just launched the project website. To make the production faster, to make the learning material ready and available for schools as soon as possible, and also to keep it free, we decided to create a supporting system, for both individual and corporate supporters.

We also place great emphasis on being sustainable and environmentally friendly ourselves too, and we choose our partners carefully. That is the first reason why we work with RebusFarm: they use only clean, green energy, so with using their services, we can render out the animations and images with absolutely zero emissions (both CO2 and nuclear waste). The second reason is that they are reliable, fast and the support team is amazing. Thank you RebusFarm!

We are very happy and honored to partner with such amazing people who dedicate their time to such a great and important cause.

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