Character Pipeline and Rendering Course – Week 1

Monday, October 19th, 2020

Character Pipeline Rendering Course Week 1

RebusFarm teamed up with CGSociety to offer a free course in which you can learn how to use a pipeline to create your character and how to render it on RebusFarm.

Each week a new video course, taught by Omar Hesham, will be available on RebusFarm's blog with topics such as:

  • blocking
  • sculpting
  • polypaint
  • topology
  • UVs
  • texturing
  • lookdev
  • lighting
  • hair & grooming
  • shading
  • how to render on RebusFarm

These topics will be taught in the following course outline:

  • Week 1: Model block in and prep
  • Week 2: Texturing and LookDev
  • Week 3: Hair grooming and continued LookDev
  • Week 4: Lighting and Rendering

Stay tuned and learn to create a complete 3D character with props by using quick builds.

Before we start with the first class, let us introduce you to the teacher – Omar Hesham is currently working at Pixomodo in Los Angeles and is specialized in chararcter/creature art, modeling, texturing, look-dev and shot lighting.

Are you ready to learn some new skills? Then let's start with the first part of the course!

Model block in and prep

In the first week we talk about blocking in the major parts of the model, Zbrush sculpting, poly paint during sculpting, cloth simulation with marvelous designer, topology, UVs and posing.

Transpose Chart Download

Next Part of the Course

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