3D Artist of the Month October 2015


Thursday, October 1st, 2015 by Nadine Obst


We are happy to introduce to you our October 2015 Artist of the Month: Andrey Kobushenko from Russia.

Andrey has worked as a CG artist for the last 13 years: "My main job is art direction, rendering and lightning". He mentioned that most of what he´s creating is hyper-realistic and he loves rendering fruits, vegetables and various liquids. "I try not to miss a single detail. I tried creating such a render no one ever thought of being CG". We can only agree: His work "Raspberry Day" is so detailed & realistic, you´re almost able to smell the sweetness of every single berry! So yummy!

"Raspberry Day" was created with 3dsMax and rendered with V-Ray, but according to Andrey it doesn´t really matter which software you use: "It´s whatever you like, there are tools to create CG of every complexity. The main thing is to see the picture and analyze it. You need to clearly understand what you want to create and never compromise!"

You can read a detailed article about the "Making of Raspberry Day" here.

Also, check out his Behance gallery to learn more about the development process.

Andrey told us he´s just recently opened a studio called "MELT VFX " which will mainly focus on creating CG liquids. Check out his demo reel:



We wish you all the best and congratulations from the whole RebusFarm Team!


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