7.2 How to manually re-install the Rebus plugin for your 3D application?

Please make sure your 3D application is closed during the entire process.

Open the RebusDrop Preferences (right-click on the RebusDrop icon > Preferences...).

RebusDrop panel - preferences button

Under 'Paths' you can select the 3D software, you want to use to render online, in the 'My 3D Applications' section.

RebusDrop Preferences winow - paths settings

Click on 'Remove' and the application will be removed from the list.

RebusDrop Preferences winow - remove applications buttons

Click on 'Save'.

RebusDrop Preferences winow - save settings button

Open the RebusDrop preferences again and click on 'Find Applications'. The RebusDrop will automatically find your 3D application.

RebusDrop Preferences winow - find applications button

Select the 3D software you want to use to render online, click on 'Re-Install Plugins' and let the process run (this step can take a few minutes).

RebusDrop Preferences winow - re-install plugins button

Click on 'Save' and you are done.

RebusDrop Preferences winow - save settings button

Run your 3D application and upload a small test job to render online.