7.1 How to change up/download modes?

To improve your up/download speed to the render cloud, right-click on the RebusDrop icon in your taskbar.

Proceed by going to 'Preferences...'.

RebusDrop panel - preferences button

Click on the 'Settings' buttons at the top of the preferences panel.

RebusDrop Preferences window - settings

Under the 'Program Options',  you can choose a different upload mode and download mode.

RebusDrop Preferences window - up/download mode option

You can also use the 'Optimize Transfer Speed' tool. It automatically selects the best upload and download mode for you.

RebusDrop Preferences window - optimize transfer speed button

Let the process run and then hit 'Ok' and the system will change the up and download modes automatically.

After changing the up and download modes, click 'Save'.

RebusDrop Preferences window - save settings button