3D Community News | Wednesday, 23 August 2023
RenderRam - My Absolute No 1 Plugin For Scene Management AND THE GIVEAWAY

RenderRam just released a very interesting video explaining the workflow regarding the Pulze Scene Manager! Aaaaaaand, there is a nice giveaway as well :)

Too many times you've been wondering if is it possible to have multiple setups inside of a 3ds Max scene. The answer is, yeah, of course, and that is available via native 3ds Max Scene States.

That approach, is, however, a bit cumbersome and requires lots of tracking, clicking, paying attention etc, etc.

Now, we have the Pulze Scene Manager, which is, as Vjeko said, Scene States on steroids! Yes, you heard well, Scene States on steroids, but in a very very smart and nice-looking way!

And yeah, there is a chance for you to win this awesome plugin from Pulze!

Check the video and get the know-how, also check the giveaway rules in the video description!

Check the video now!

RenderRam is a YouTube channel full of useful tips, tricks, and tutorials.

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