3D Community News | Thursday, 03 August 2023
RenderRam - Known Unknown Depths Of 3ds Max - Vol.09

RenderRam just released a very interesting tutorial, covering some of the features inside of 3DS Max that are rather wrongfully neglected :)

Did you ever find yourself in "that" situation where one simple click could solve your problem, or, let's make it better, make your life easier?

We certainly did!

This tutorial, as a part of Vjeko's "Known Unknown Depths Of 3ds Max" series, is covering exactly that! Functions and clicks which, at the end of the day, make your life easier!

Whether you are struggling with cloning, selections, or something else, this video tutorial is for you!


0:00 Intro of depths
0:55 Instance Controller / Clone Options
1:42 Note
2:42 Hide by Hit / Freeze by Hit
3:25 Group Attach
4:00 Dot Ring / Dot Loop
4:55 Ref. Cord. System

Check the video now!

RenderRam is a YouTube channel full of useful tips, tricks, and tutorials.

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