3D Community News | Thursday, 05 October 2023
Pixelmachine - TopoGun 3 Released!

Pixelmachine released TopoGun 3, a stand-alone state-of-the-art retopology and maps baking application!

Pixelmachine has officially released TopoGun 3, the first major update to the pioneering standalone retopology and map baking software for over a decade, after three years in beta.

The update adds a range of new tools, including both manual retopology tools and a powerful new Patch tool that bridges the gap between manual and automated retopology.

It is also now possible to bake a wider range of texture maps from high-resolution meshes.

On its release in the late 2000s, TopoGun became one of the first tools for retopology high-res meshes, enabling artists to turn sculpts into lower-res, more animation-friendly assets.

Although still widely used, the software seemed to enter a period of dormancy after the release of TopoGun 2 in 2012, with little public activity until the beta release of TopoGun 3 in 2020.

Three years on, TopoGun 3 has finally moved beyond beta and was officially released yesterday.

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Pixelmachine is a production company which also develops software tools.

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