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RebusFarm News | Friday, 31 March 2023
Modo 16.1v2 support

You can now use the latest version of Modo 16.1v2 at RebusFarm.

The latest bug fixes have been released for the software Modo. These updates address a variety of issues that were causing crashes or other problems for our users.

Bug Fixes

Some of the key fixes include resolving an issue with the Edge Chamfer tool, which previously created two vertices where the edges of a corner meet when using mitering. Another issue fixed is a crash that occurred when changing the image on a texture in the Shader Tree.

Lazy Apply sometimes failed to update correctly in Primitive Slice, but this has now been addressed. We've also fixed a problem where the Decal Seam would shrink around the origin, and a crash that happened on specific scene files when starting simulations on Linux.

In addition, we've resolved a few Linux-specific issues, such as a crash that occurred when using the Particle Paint tool and an inability to save files on NFS or external drives. We also fixed an issue where doing an Edge Bevel after applying a Planar Decal would cause a crash.

Other fixes include addressing garbled text issues with Japanese resources, fixing crashes related to Worker mode and MeshFusion, and updating the Licensing Library to support Japanese localization.

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