Friday, November 19th, 2021: 3D Community News 

Lightmap - HDR Light Studio - Xenon Drop 4

Lightmap has recently announced the immediate availability of HDR Light Studio - Xenon Drop 4.

All the new features are:

  • Advanced Motion Blur.
    Easy-to-use motion blur filter for HDRI maps. It's about a new advanced motion blur filter with additional motion blur controls allowing very realistic motion effects. Now you can add noise to the motion path, curve and tilt the motion path, and load a depth image to scale the motion blur amount at each pixel.

  • New NVIDIA Omniverse™ Connection.
    This is a new HDR Light Studio extension for NVIDIA Omniverse™ - The extension creates a live link between HDR Light Studio and Omniverse, helping automotive, visualization, and entertainment artists to quickly create accurate photorealistic lighting scenarios.

  • Updated Blender Connection.
    Support for Octane and RenderMan renderers. This release also fixes the scene export bug in Blender 2.93.2 and higher versions.

  • Updated Cinema 4D Connection.
    The Cinema 4D R25 Connection is released with HDR Light Studio - Xenon Drop 4. Now, it supports Cinema 4D Physical Render, Redshift, Octane, Arnold, V-Ray 5, and Corona renderer.

Watch this great presentation of the new update below:


Lightmap started back in 2008, when brothers-in-law, Mark and Simon, ended up discussing the need for real-time lighting creation during their meal. The need for interactive HDRI maps was agreed, a light to be moved around the HDR canvas, applying lat-long distortions in real-time. The foundation for HDR Light Studio was set and in February 2009, HDR Light Studio was released. It quickly found its place in the 3D industry, with customers ranging from individual 3D artists to major automotive and product manufacturers.