3D Community News | Wednesday, 15 February 2023
Joker Martini - Texture Set Loader for 3DS Max!

Joker Martini released Texture Set Loader, a new awesome script for 3DS Max!

Texture Set Loader is a 3DS Max tool that is designed to make it quick and easy for artists to batch-load texture sets and create materials.

It's flexible enough to work with any sort of color workflow, whether you are working in PBR, Glossiness, Metallic, or even custom.

You can use the tool to even build completely custom shaders by simply assigning any maps you want to the map channels available in the interface.


- Auto texture channel recognition and organization  
- Auto-assigned color space and gamma to each map
- Customize Effects Channel and UV Map Channels
- Apply directly to selected objects
- Apply directly to the material editor (Compact and Slate)
- Apply to teapots evenly spaced out

Texture Set Loader is compatible with 3DS Max 2022 or newer.

Enjoy watching this awesome video presentation!

Joker Martini is a 3d artist, programmer, and creator of many useful scripts, plugins, and toolsets for 3DS Max.

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