3D Community News | Tuesday, 14 February 2023
Texturama - Free architectural textures!

Texturama's new website is in production finally, and with lots of goodies for everyone!

Texturama's entire library of over 5000 critically-acclaimed seamless and game-ready texture maps has been completely remastered for improved tileability, and the majority of image assets are now available in power-of-two.

The new website features large preview thumbnails, infinity scrolling for quick and easy browsing, and powerful search functions per texture category.

Users now have multiple purchase options, including credit packs, subscriptions, and discounted bundles, and we are happy to discuss unique licensing options for your business needs.

Textures are designed for maximum flexibility with VR, AR, and real-time applications such as games, 3D interactive, and the metaverse.

A unique hybrid albedo-diffuse design approach allows textures to be used as-is for lightweight applications using minimal hardware and system resources or can be used as a basis for complex shaders within rendered animation sequences.

Major categories include: Architectural facades, benches, bricks, ceilings, ceramics, coastal, concrete, doors, fences, flooring, glass, ground, lamps, metal, organic plants, ornate details, pavers, planters, plastic, railing, road and sidewalk, rock and stone, roofs, siding, signs, stairs, utility, weaves and fabric, and wood.

Enjoy watching this awesome video tutorial!

Texturama is an online resource of high-quality textures suitable for all applications.

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