RebusFarm Updates | Friday, 25 November 2022
Itoo ForestPack 8 now supported

RebusFarm updated its ForestPack iToo version to 8


iToo added new features to this version of ForestPack 8 , which include a new helper plugin “ForestSet”, linked areas, linked surfaces, and added support of areas for UV surface mode.


Forest Set is a brand-new helper plugin used to create a multi-purpose container for scene objects. A Forest Set object can be added to a Forest object as a collection of geometry, surfaces, references, or areas.

Linked Areas and Surfaces

To further expand the options for creating interdependent scatters, Forest Pack 8 adds the ability to link to areas and surfaces used in another Forest Pack object.

Areas support in Surface UV mode

Forest Pack 8 also introduces some often-requested features to Surface UV mode - making it much more flexible.

Forest Effects improvements

Forest Effects have been expanded with the ability to reference splines that are independent of distribution areas, opening this feature up to a whole new way to work.

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