3D Community News | Friday, 16 September 2022
AndVFX - 3DS Max 2023.2 - Array Turbocharged

AndVFX has recently released a new video showcasing only some of the possibilities of the new array tool in 3DS Max 2023.2!

This shows only some of the possibilities of the new array, but there is soo much more. For example, like distribute over surfaces, multiple types of grid array, offsets based on bounding boxes, packing, fill, offset, and many many more new possibilities!

Following the new 3DS Max 2023.2 update, for the first time we've got a lot of improvement fixes on animation (CAT and the track view updates),  internal rewrites (Array is constructed over the new MnMesh2, a new mesh data structure in max that will be the foundation for all the new mesh-based tools), general speed improvements thanks to Poly to Mesh conversion improvements that affect multiple areas (about a 40% improvement to modifier performance on some modifiers, roughly 35% faster speed with the viewport, and roughly 10% faster speed with rendering).

All of this is followed by even more improvements on editpoly retriangulation, gltf conversions, improvements on chamfers, and many many others.

Grass materials and a lot more features have been optimized.

You can find full release notes for the latest update here.

Be sure to watch the video below and enjoy it!

AndVFX (Eloi Andaluz Fulla)is a visual artist with over 15 years of experience in 3D - architecture, motion graphics, advertising, mappings, interactive installations, and movies.