3D Community News | Friday, 12 May 2023
3DAZ Studio - 3DS Max UV-Map and Texturing The Ultimate Guide Part 5

3DAZ Studio released Part 5 of its UV and Texturing Ultimate Guide, continuing to explain UV-Mapping and Texturing in 3DS Max even further.

This video tutorial is the fifth part of a series of tutorials that cover UV-Mapping, Unwrapping, and Texturing models in 3DS Max.

We highly recommend checking it all since we have covered the entire series here on Rebus Farm.

00:00 - Intro
00:35 - The Hood Frame
00:57 - Decoration for Baking
01:59 - Texture Tools
02:27 - Bake To Texture
03:34 - The Baking Process
04:48 - The Baking Result
05:32 - Efficient Bake!
09:38 - Black Bake Explained!
11:52 - The Beauty, The Colour & The Normal
13:25 - Conclusion

Check the video now!

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