Monday, August 16th, 2021: 3D Community News

Rhino Nature - A non-destructive Scattering tool for Rhinoceros

DOLIWA WORKSHOP has released a  non-destructive scattering tool for Rhinoceros called Rhino Nature.

Some of the fantastic features of this remarkable tool are:

  • Non-destructive workflow. Changes have never been easier!
  • Lightweight viewport. Gain the ability to populate insane amounts of objects.
  • Live update. All changes are applied automatically.
  • Smart ecosystem management. A clever approach to the management of distributed objects.
  • Unique distribution. It seamlessly patterns complex three-dimensional objects.
  • Preset library. Built-in high-quality presets for quickly get up running a project.

We encourage you to watch the Rhino Nature trailer and learn more about it.

They offer Rhino Nature with three different Licenses, Starting from a Single 125 € for one device, Indie 155 € for two devices, and Volume 115 € for as many devices as you need with a minimum of 5 devices.

DOLIWA WORKSHOP was founded by Przemysław Doliwa, a 3D artist based in Poland with a passion for developing solutions to daily problems.