3D Community News | Monday, 19 June 2023
Reality Capture - Version 1.2.2 released!

The new version of the 3D imaging software, RealityCapture 1.2.2, is now available.

This update provides more control for users to create 3D assets and environments from photos and scans.

The software now allows the viewing of substantial meshes directly, accommodating hundreds of millions of triangles, depending on workstation power. Moreover, cleaning large-scale models has been made easier.

Photogrammetry processing is now faster, with smaller datasets experiencing around a 20% speedup and larger ones potentially seeing an 80% improvement, especially on high-end professional machines. This update also utilizes multicore CPUs more efficiently in the reconstruction process.

Additional improvements include more accurate textures, data preservation during cache crashes, a smoother export process, and suppression of pop-ups when running in headless mode.

The RealityCapture 1.2.2 is available for download now. Find out more on the CapturingReality website.

Check the video now!

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