3D Community News | Tuesday, 20 June 2023
3D-KStudio - Spline Flow parametric Spline modeling plugin for 3DS Max

3D-KStudio just released a new video showcasing its newest parametric modeling plugin for 3DS Max, Spline Flow!

Spline Flow, a plugin for 3DS Max, simplifies the creation of complex parametric objects based on the splines that smoothly flow from one to the other.

Users can effortlessly generate interconnected splines following a defined path, controlling their distribution and curvature.

Beyond static design, the plugin allows animate parameters, adding dynamic elements to your creations.

Its modular approach offers flexibility, enabling visualization of final 3D models and their modifications with ease.

Spline Flow simplifies the design process, making it a valuable asset for architects, product designers, and 3D modelers.

To learn more about the Spline Flow be sure to visit 3D-KStudio website, and in the meantime check the video below!

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