3D Community News | Tuesday, 04 October 2022
ProductionCrate - Pro Light-Wrap Plugin FREE

ProductionCrate has released a free light wrap plugin for Adobe After Effects!

This plugin is specifically made for use alongside the VFX Assets available at FootageCrate, but it works perfectly for any compositor’s needs.

Light-wraps are an effective and underutilized technique that improves the realism of a compositor 

These simulate the apparent diffusion of extremely bright lights around a foreground, helping to integrate the composited layer into the background. This visually blends the two different layers, creating a cohesive unified final image.

Light wraps are commonly used against bright backgrounds, skies, fire video effects, and any other intense sources of illumination.

This can be added with the motivation of improving the realism of a scene, as a bright source of light (such as an 
explosion) will carry excessive luminant energy that leaks into adjacent pixels.

This means that when a particular area of an explosion is being obscured by a foreground, its colors may still influence the pixel’s final output due to bloom, illumination, and fog scattering.

Crate’s Light Wrap Requirements


AE CS6 and newer
MacOS 11.3 or newer
Windows 7 or newer


GPU required (integrated GPU such as Intel Iris supported)
Apple Silicon native. Older mac’s (~2013) with Nvidia cards may not work

Download this awesome plugin here and check the detailed description on how to use it!

Also, do not forget to check the video now!

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