Friday, August 20th, 2021: 3D Community News

MattePaint - Become a professional Matte Painter

MattePaint has announced their 2nd run of the 12 weeks Matte painting course, coming on a live stream.

They dedicated this live stream to answer all questions for Matte painting artists and taking you through the course modules.

  • Week 1 & 2. Getting familiar with basin junior tasks and the techniques to execute them successfully.
  • Week 3. The artistic fundamentals of color, perspective, composition, architectural and industrial rendering techniques.
  • Week 4. Starting your first project, seamlessly blending multiple photos into one cohesive image.
  • Week 5. will discover how to integrate CG renderings into an environment.
  • Week 6 & 7. Setting Extension and environments cleanups.
  • Week 8. Working with a simple 2.5D projection setup in Nuke, different camera moves.
  • Week 9. Starting Project 5, solving problems associated with moving plates and extension.
  • Week 10. Working on Project 5, working with Nuke, Multi-Frame camera projection, and learn how to QC (Quality check/Control) images.
  • Week 11. Finalizing Project 5 will review completed shots from weeks 9 and 10 and finishing any final DMP and 2D work done. (Final assignment will be a surprise).
  • Week 12. Finishing the secret final assignment and feedback for the unfinished assignments from the previous weeks.

If you are a Matte painter or looking to be one, you must watch this more than an hour Live stream!

Conrad Allan and Oleksiy Golovchenko provide two awards, silver & gold, for completing the Final status of the course assignments.

Meet the Instructors

Conrad Allan has ten years of experience in CGI and matte painting. He started as a structure modeler for Architects in 2006; he contributed to the "Game of Thrones" series, Thor, Assassins Creed, Independence Day, and more. He is a respected artist, teacher, and entrepreneur.

Oleksiy Golovchenko worked as a Matte Painter artist and Environment Supervisor for the past decade. And was credited for Altered Carbon (S2), Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Star Trek Discovery (S3), Alita: Battle Angel, Deadpool 2, Batman VS Superman, Godzilla, and many more.