Monday, August 23rd, 2021: 3D Community News

Corona Renderer - New features coming with Corona 7 Live Webinar

Thanks to Thomas M. Grimes and Nejc Kilar from the Corona renderer team, sharing this Corona renderer 7 Live webinar, which took place on 18 August, with the CG community.

Some of the covered topics are:

  • The new Physical Material. (Clearcoat and sheen layer, metalness, and improved glass rendering)
  • The newly improved Sun and Sky features.
  • Some of the Rendering speedups and improvements.
  • 3DS MAX and Cinema 4D improvements as well.
  • Plus, a two-session Q&A.

We suggest you watch this in-depth webinar now!

Meet the Presenters.
Thomas M. Grimes is a marketing specialist with a great love for 3D illustration and animation. He had previously worked as a freelance 3D artist with video editing skills for several years, based in Longview, Texas, United States.

Nejc Kilar is a 3D Artist, Consultant, and teacher. He’s very experienced in CG and an award-winning visual designer based in Slovenia, Europe.