3D Community News | Monday, 28 November 2022
Ciro Sannino - Corona scanned materials tutorial

Ciro Sannino from Learn Corona Renderer has released a new cool tutorial about Corona Scanned materials!

Scanned Materials for Corona are part of the Chaos Scans library.

In this Corona tutorial, you will learn how to download and use them.

In this tutorial, you've got a great chance to learn the process of making various materials and use them in your scenes!

Check it out and make your life easier!

Enjoy watching this awesome video tutorial now!

Ciro Sannino is a Chaos Academic Partner, part of the amazing group of professors running the Master MADI at the University of Venice, and a content creator. Founder of courses such as 5SRW and Realistic Interiors.  On his Youtube channel Learn Corona Renderer, he is sharing tips and techniques to make your life with Corona Renderer (even much) easier.