Wednesday, April 13th, 2022: 3D Community News

Zinteractive - Getting started with Marvelous Designer

Zinteractive shared an amazing series of tutorials on how to get started with Marvelous Designer, divided into three parts.

Marvelous Designer is a cloth simulation software that can simulate real dynamic clothing, which can be used in games, 3D art, and films production.

Enjoy watching the following three chapters of this series:

Chapter 1. Getting started with marvelous designer fundamentals.

Chapter 2. Marvelous designer user interface fundamentals.


Chapter 3. Pattern and sewing tools fundamentals.



For more, we encourage you to check their YouTube channel Zinteractive, which contains many excellent courses for free.

Zinteractive is a YouTube channel, that creates complete and exclusive courses. Tips & tricks and tutorials for video production, interactive media, game design, CGI, UX/UI, 3D/2D animation, visual effects, and the list goes on.