Tuesday, August 11th, 2020: RebusFarm News

The Rebus Maya Render Farm now supports the brand new release from V-Ray.

V-Ray 5 is available for Maya 2017-2020.

The new version includes the following features:

As a new LightMix render element (AOV) for more control in the post-processing. Also, there are some new render elements for the V-RayToonMtl in case you are working on a toon shading project. There is also an 'improved' sky model that looks very good and is very easy to use. The V-RayMtl has two new layers: one for a coat and one for a sheen to get better control on that shiny object. For further information and much more information about the new features check the V-Ray 5 release note on the Chaosgroup website.