Friday, September 24th, 2021: 3D Community News 

Unity - Modular Water System by kripto289

kripto289, a unity VFX artist, has recently published a Modular Water System for Unity which you can use to create seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, and a lot more.

This system is for Console/PC platforms and standard rendering; the URP version is also available.

What the developer noted is that this system uses physical approximation for lighting and wave simulation. It also supports several physical parameters such as wind power, turbidity, dispersion, transparency, and more.

Explore some of the tool’s features below:

  • GPU waves simulation with multiple cascades.
  • Physical approximation of refraction in screen space with dispersion (using water IOR)
  • Underwater effect with partial submersion.
  • Physical approximation of reflections using fast screen space projected reflections, camera planar reflections, baked and real-time reflection probes.
  • Physical approximation of lighting (volumetric lights and shadows, caustic, scattering)
  • Physical approximation of caustic relative to water depth and waves (with dispersion).

Watch this short demo and learn more about this exciting system:


Below you can find two additional in-depth videos:

  1. River water simulation Demo


  1. Dynamic water simulation Demo