3D Community News | Thursday, 01 February 2024
tyFlow - PRISM - A New GPU Accelerated Engine In tyFlow v1.100

tyFlow has recently presented v1.100, which marks the first official release of PRISM, a new multifracture engine!

Tyson Ibele recently announced an important update for TyFlow, introducing PRISM, a new mesh boolean and fracturing engine exclusively designed for tyFlow that enhances mesh operations capabilities as it includes regular boolean tasks and advanced fracturing and destruction processes.

Version 1.100, PRISM, is included in tyFlow and does not require separate installation. PRISM is available to all tyFlow users, including those using the free version, with limitations on multithreading and GPU acceleration in the free version.

The inception of PRISM was driven by the limitations found in existing mesh boolean and constructive solid geometry engines, which suffered from bugs, speed issues, input limitations, and suboptimal results. The need for a more powerful solution drove the development of PRISM. This development aimed to maintain tyFlow’s relevance for VFX artists and their workflows.

PRISM’s key advantages include:

  • CUDA GPU-acceleration
  • Multi-threading
  • XPU architecture
  • Efficient handling of complex mesh scenarios
It manages self-intersecting meshes and overlapping triangles, issues that often challenge alternative solutions.

Additionally, PRISM introduces new surface/volume slice operators and seamlessly integrates into tyFlow’s existing workflow.

PRISM enhances:

  • tyBoolean modifier
  • tyMultifracture modifier
For even more information, visit the tyFlow's official website.

Watch this "sick" trailer on top of an already "sick" plugin:

tyFlow is an unofficial replacement for 3ds Max's Particle Flow. It is not merely an upgrade to Particle Flow - rather, it was created from scratch with a design philosophy focused on squeezing as much speed and power out of modern multi-core systems as possible.

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