3D Community News | Wednesday, 02 November 2022
SplineDynamics - RandoMixer 3DS Max plugin – Apply for beta test

Spline Dynamics has announced an open beta call to CGI artists to test their yet-to-be-released RandoMixer plugin for 3DS Max!

RandoMixer is a powerful 3DS Max plugin that helps users automatically generate multiple variants of scenes, models, or characters and manage them within a collection of states.

Moreover, it’s an unrivaled tool to randomize transforms and materials, swap objects around, scatter them, create combinations between different sets of elements, automatically switch active lights and cameras, and a lot more!

Due to its versatility, RandoMixer can be used for many different purposes in diverse fields. Here are some of its applications:

  • Brainstorming. Instantly get lots of ideas on how to stage your scene or arrange the elements of your model.
  • Produce different versions. Easily get a plethora of options for your client, director, or yourself to choose from.
  • Generate scene states; explore possible variations on a model; visualize different layouts or arranges; try different light/camera setups.
  • Grant Uniqueness. Spawn multiple clones of your models or characters, giving each copy a particular trait.
  • Build an NFT Collection of randomly-generated characters; diversify your game assets; present different assemble of a model or product.
  • Create states for the animation. Use a set of states, layouts, or poses as a starting point for your animation.
To find out more and learn about all the features this plugin has to offer, please visit this link.

To find out more about Spline Dynamics and its plugins/scripts, be sure to visit their Youtube channel and check the video below!

Spline Dynamics is the home of a family of scripts & plugins for Autodesk 3DS Max developed by Hernán A. Rodenstein, an Argentinian CG artist and animator.