Friday, June 30th, 2021: 3D Community News

SIGGRAPH 2021 – Virtual Theater 9-13 August

SIGGRAPH 2021 is a computer animation festival electronic theater that runs annually by the “Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.” It is time for all the CG community to gather and share some of the best storytelling in feature and short films, games, visual effects, advertisements, and science visualizations.

Now for the first time, SIGGRAPH 2021 electronic theater tickets are available for the public. To learn more about the event and book your electronic Theater ticket, click here, and you can also the list of the films guide.

Check the video to see what is going to happen in this worldwide event.

As a small group of specialists, SIGGRAPH first held its first conference in 1974. Now SIGGRAPH has become an international community of artists, researchers, scientists, filmmakers, developers, and business professionals interested in computer graphics and interactive techniques.