3D Community News | Friday, 22 December 2023
RenderRam - How to Conform Bending Plant Leaves in 3ds Max 2024.2

Vjjeko Kiiraly from the RenderRam YouTube channel comes with a super useful 3d modeling tip on how to conform bending plant leaves in 3ds Max 2024.2. Enjoy!

RenderRam presents an idea brought up by Artur Tamiola from the CommonPoint Team, who wondered if it's possible to bend plant leaves when they lean against the wall with Conform modifier in 3ds Max.
The Conform modifier lets you move a spline or mesh onto the surface of one or more other meshes.

The Conform modifier actually performs actions parametrically so that you can change the relationship between the targeted surface and the conforming object right after the initial conform operation has been performed. This lets you manipulate the look and feel of your model without any definite modeling, like shaping or bending. In this way, you save time by avoiding some basic modeling steps.

With the Conform modifier, you can also animate the deformations you create. For example, a conform object can be animated as it moves across a target surface.

Two projection methods, Volume, and Shrink Wrap, can control the way spline or mesh falls onto the surface of the other mesh(es):
Volume: It tries to preserve the overall shape of the conformed object after it's projected onto the target object.

Shrink Wrap: It shrinks the entire conform surface around the target, like wrapping a piece of cellophane around another object. That means the volume of the conformed object is not preserved.

The most commonly used projection method is Shrink Wrap.

So could this idea be possible? Maybe... but it's better to check it out yourself in the video below!

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