Wednesday, April 28th, 2021: RebusFarm News

RebusFarm Project Phoenix - 50% GPU price cut

Project Phoenix was created by RebusFarm to help 3D artists through these rough times. We tried to come up with a way to support our community and came up with a maximum 75% GPU discount to help artists realize new projects and therefore help them to rise again. This very high price cut was pushing our limits, so we were only able to do that for a limited time. 

We actually wanted to go back to our regular GPU price now, but we decided to keep up our support for the community and to only go back up to 50% of the old GPU price. So from today, you get a 50% price cut of the old GPU price, that we had before we started our Project Phoenix. That means that our project continues:


We hope that we were already able and will continue to be able to help lots of artists with this initiative.

The 50% discount will automatically be applied when you render your GPU project at RebusFarm.

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