Wednesday, January 19th, 2022: 3D Community News 

Plask - Free tool for extracting 3D Motion from videos powered by AI

Plask is a new tool for extracting 3D motion from videos that is powered by AI technology, which can be used for free. CLICK HERE to try it for FREE!

The tool is easy to use. Share, review and collaborate without the need to leave your browser. You just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Import your video. It supports many types of video files.
  • Extract motion from the video. Choose the part of motion you want from the video, name your motion fille, and let the Power of AI do its magic.
  • Edit your animation from your browser. No need to use other apps, all you need in one place.
  • Share and Review. At Plask, you can review and collaborate with your team to achieve the best motion.
  • Export your animation. It supports the major file formats (GLB, FBX, BVH, and more). 

Enjoy Watching this 1-minute demo and exploring the power of this app.


Plask is a technology company based in Seoul, Korea that made a web application with the same name “Plask”. It makes the impossible possible by using AI technology. Now, you can extract 3D motion from recorded videos without the need to use another app. Then you can edit and transfer it to your 3D model in a matter of minutes for free.