3D Community News | Monday, 25 July 2022
NAG - NAG ALL Pro V.2.2 released

Muhammad Nagy from NAG has recently released a new update of their automatic library lister software - NAG ALL Pro V.2.2.

In this update, the user is able to customize the software’s default settings to fit his personal workflow.

NAG ALL is a smart software that automates the organization process of digital library assets with only a single click. After running NAG ALL and its mission is performed, the user will have a highly organized library in the form of a 3DS Max file beside its related preview image. The 3D library will be ready for manual drag/drop process into the 3DS Max canvas, or for bridging with assets management plug-ins, such as Project Manager, Connecter, or Autodesk Assets Library.

The software was successfully tested to sort over 1,000,000+ 3D asset stores, such as 3dsky, DesignConnected, CGTtrader, Turbosquid 3D models, and many more. It won the trust of 100+ 3D artists and studios from 25+ countries all over the world.

What are the features of NAG ®ALL software?
1. Operating Both Compressed & Uncompressed Files
2. Files Renaming Features
3. Folders Creation Options
4. Maps Collection Options

For detailed information about the features, download the free "NAG ALL Guide" booklet!

You can get the NAG ALL software from here.

Be sure to check the video to know how the NAG ALL software works!

Muhammad Nagy is NAG's CEO, chief designer, and art director. He also works as an assistant lecturer at Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. NAG is an award-winning design and art direction office, located in Egypt. They are experts in the creation of top-notch architectural designs and interiors. In addition, they are specialized in art direction pipelines for the production of hyper-realistic visualizations of world-class quality.