Monday, May 16th, 2022: 3D Community News

Meta Quest - Project Cambria - A new headset with Cutting-Edge technology

Meta Quest team has previewed a new upcoming High-end VR device called “Project Cambria”. It offers the users a new, mixed reality experience which is considered a new step toward the Metaverse world.

“Project Cambria” also supports the “Presence Platform” introduced by the Meta Quest team. It’s a suite of machine perception with AI capabilities that enables developers to build natural interactions and mix reality experiences on a quest, which is also a step forward for the Metaverse.

Some of these new features are:

  • The newest Meta Quest Cutting-Edge VR headset.
  • Built with new sensors that enable high-definition colors.
  • Advanced reconstruction algorithms that boost the realism of your experiences.
  • Sense of depth and perspective help the representation of our physical world.
  • The headset can work for a longer time with even more comfort.

The goal is to “Build the Metaverse where people can connect, create, share, explore, get things done and have fun”

Learn more about this new Cutting-Edge technology now!


We also encourage you to watch the demo below to understand better the Meta Quest.


Meta Quest is part of Meta's company that focuses on creating gears and VR headsets that help people create, connect, play, and have fun in a virtual 3D word space.