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RebusFarm News | Monday, 19 September 2022

The Rebus Cinema 4D Render Farm now supports the new Release 2023.

The Farminizer is now able to work with the new release of Cinema 4D: 2023.

Currently supporting Intern Renderer, Physical Renderer, and Redshift Renderer.

New Features


  • Global Symmetry Enable / Disable
  • Symmetry Hub consolidating options for Modeling and Sculpting symmetry
  • Planar Symmetry for Modeling Tools, with support for Object, World, Workplane, Custom Planes
  • Topological Symmetry for Modeling Tools
  • Planar Symmetry for Spline Modifiers
  • Symmetrize Model & Selection

Asset Browser

  • Watch Folders allow linking Asset Browser to any folder
  • Auto-watch for easy access to assets associated with a project
  • Improved sorting and relevance options
  • Show Content of Subcategories collapses folder structure to show assets
  • Additional Search Operators: bitdepth, imagesize, alphachannels, sortby, reverseorder, favoritesfirst, database
  • Auto Filter / Relevance based on active manager
  • Assets store database and name metadata within project so they can be more easily located when missing
  • Project Asset Inspector includes display of additional asset data
  • Improved Database management pane within Asset Browser
  • Database connection and management moved from Preferences to Asset Browser
  • Show in Explorer / Finder for files in the Watch Folders and Databases
  • Significant performance enhancements


  • Soft Body Simulation as part of Unified Simulations
  • Stickiness
  • Rest Length Control
  • Mix Animation via Pins or Force
  • Follow Shape option
  • Dynamic Object-Sided Collision


  • Native OpenColorIO implementation. Colors are stored in Render Space.
  • Use a custom OCIO config or built-in Redshift config with full ACES support
  • Define OpenColorIO colorspaces in Project Settings
  • Utility to convert from Basic to OCIO Color Management, and between OCIO Color Spaces
  • OpenColorIO Colorspace settings for texture maps, Auto mode based on image type
  • Color Chooser allows colors to be chosen in Render or Display Space
  • Redshift uses C4D-native OCIO settings for new projects
  • Unified Color pipeline with Magic Bullet Looks based on current render space (Linear/ACES)

ZBrush Integration - GoZ

  • Smoother Installation Experience
  • Improved Polygroups Workflow: Select Polygroups / Store Polygroups within Cinema 4D
  • Transfer Edge Creasing and auto-create SDS object
  • Transfer Vertex Weight
  • Create Redshift Materials including Vertex Paint, Normals and Displacement
  • Choose between Texture and Polypaint


  • Random Walk Subsurface Scattering
  • Volume Anisotropy
  • Stacked Materials:
    • Support for C4D Texture Tag projections and tiling
    • Decal mapping workflow via C4D Texture Tool
    • Additive stacking

General Enhancements

  • Support for procedural (field-based) polygon selection, vertex maps and vertex color on primitives and generators
  • Easily open and select Xpresso tags for driver/driven attributes by Alt-LMB clicking the animation dot
  • Spline Chamfer node
  • Vector Import Object includes Size attribute and can be resized via the Scale tool
  • USD - Export to Layer option
  • Draw Workplane Behind objects

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